AMERIN Products & Services

AMERIN has a comprehensive range of products and services within its portfolio that are designed to help leaders create solutions for a sustainable future.

Many of our products and services have been translated from Open System Theory (OST) and these have been categorized below into standard and advanced OST products and services.

Also listed below are some of the products and services delivered by AMERIN's new online company DNAsoc, which is featured in AMERIN NEWS on the Home page.

Standard OST products and services

The Search Conference for ecological strategy development

As described in a chapter of a new 'Social systems and Design' book (in print) titled Better Late than Never: Open Systems Theory's Plan to Deal with Climate Change, and written by Merrelyn Emery, “the first Search Conference (SC) was held in 1959 and has been developed since then, by carefully tested and integrated theory and practice, into a reliable and highly adaptable method of participative strategic planning. See more

Participative Design Workshop for establishing team-based structures

Although the Search Conference creates understanding of how the environment and system fit together for the most desirable future, it is insufficient on its own to maintain active adaptation in the long term. To do this an organization must change its fundamental 'DNA' or structure: that is, it must change its design principle from a costly, rigid bureaucracy (Design Principle 1) to a highly responsive and productive team-based structure (Design Principle 2). See more

OST unique designs

Having an understanding of OST processes and concepts enables one to produce unique OST solutions for particular socio-ecological challenges. Our efforts to address mental health in the workplace and developing programs to tackle climate change, both of which are principal programs of our online company DNAsoc, are examples of OST unique designs See more

Advanced OST products and services

Our associate, Professor Merrelyn Emery, offers an advanced OST course in theory and practice of making adaptive change. Those who complete the course can offer the following advanced OST programs, which can be used in standalone projects or for enhancing a Search Conference or a Participative Design Workshop.

OST-based market research

In turbulent an unpredictable environments it is essential to know why, not just how many people use a product or service in preference to another See more

OST personality test

The Open Systems Personality Test (OSPT) is a cost effective and simple to use test that can reliably and consistently identify personality defined as behavioural preferences. This means it can anticipate how an individual person will most probably behave in situations where they have a choice of behaviours. See more

Global trend reports

Information gleaned from the above OST products and services is used to produce global trend reports, which can range from identifying the changing values and expectations in the wider community affecting people's buying decisions through to factors affecting mental health in the workplace. See more

Online OST products and services delivered by DNAsoc

Our online company, DNAsoc, provides the following OST programs to support and compliment existing OST products and services as well as producing unique OST programs for unique circumstances.

DNAsoc principal programs

Recently launched principal programs include:

  1. The Organizational Health and Innovation (OHI) program ( that is designed to increase organizational innovation and productivity and reduce the incidence of mental health problems at work.
  2. The Adaptive Communities program (, which helps motivate citizens to work together to create community strategic plans that are environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally sustainable.
  3. The Lean StartUp 2 ScaleUp program (, helps business and social entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Corporations transform their embryonic ideas into successful and sustainable ventures using the best of Lean Startup methodology ( and Open Systems Theory (

Pay-for-skills program

To support participative democratic design principle 2 structures DNAsoc has develop an online skills-based remuneration program. This program is underpinned by a country's National Competency Standards.

Business transformation simulation tool

This simulation tool provides participants with a greater understanding of the PDW and gives them experience of 'working' in a participative democratic structure. The steps followed in the Simulation are exactly the same as those that would be applied in a 'real life' PDW process. See more

Organizational Health and Innovation (OHI) program to reduce the incidence of mental injuries in the workplace

International research by OHI founding member, Professor Merrelyn Emery, exploring the relationships between workplaces and mental health clearly shows that the organizational 'DNA' factors that improve (or those that make worse) employee mental wellbeing are the same factors that lead to an increase in (or a decrease in) motivation, innovation and productivity. See more

OHI Webinar for creating healthy innovative workplaces

This Webinar introduces participants to the root cause of increasing workplace mental injuries, which is directly under management's control, and is leading to reduced productivity and escalating costs on the public purse.

Participants will be presented with a solution to address this rapidly growing issue. It centres on understanding the key organizational factors that both increase employee wellbeing and business performance.

An OHI workshop for creating healthy innovative workplaces

This one-day workshop, which builds on the above Webinar, introduces participants to the OST skills required to develop and implement sustainable strategies that both lift employee wellbeing and increase business performance. See more

An OHI rapid assessment tool to determine an organization's likelihood of damaging employee mental health

In 2002 two founding members of the OHI program, Dr Merrelyn Emery and Peter Aughton began developing and testing an 'Organizational Health & Innovation' diagnostic in response to the growing mental and emotional health problems in the workplace, which were producing increased absenteeism, presenteeism and disability claims and low innovation and productivity. See more

The OHI comprehensive diagnostic to determine the root cause of workplace mental health risks

Central to the OHI 'mental health in the workplace' program is a comprehensive diagnostic, which is used to develop a customized intervention program that will transform a low performing organization into a healthy, innovative and productive workplace. See more

An OHI customized intervention program for a healthy, innovative and productive workplace

OHI's 'mental health in the workplace' research database now consists of 555 individuals from 7 very diverse organizations from Canada and Australia. Our results to date reinforce the dire warnings from the literature. See more

The Organizational Health and Performance (OHP) survey

This brand new OHP survey has been developed for one of our international partners. It has been designed to quickly indicate the state of an organization's health and its effect on employee energy levels, which over time influence the performance of individuals and organizational productivity. See more

Adaptive communities program for creating healthy resilient communities

Our analysis shows that while some community adaption plans have been developed and implemented, much of it is in a reactive sense, such as attempting to secure water supplies after prolonged drought. Effective adaption plans are contextual and anticipatory in nature and are based on understanding the relationships between humanity and our organizations and communities, and the probable future of Planet Earth. See more

The Sustainable Future Planning development program

The SFP program introduces government, business, education and community leaders to planning and design tools that can be readily applied in their organizations and communities for the development of action plans to effectively adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects. See more

SFP train-the-trainer program

Those qualified to run the standard OST programs can also be accredited to train organizational, educational, and community leaders to run the Sustainable Future Planning (SFP) one-day workshop. Once trained, these leaders can undertake a SFP event for their particular organization or community to develop plans to adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects.

Climate change resilience survey

Our associate, Dr Merrelyn Emery, has produced a climate change resilience survey that determines the organizational and community capacity to effectively adapt to climate change and respond to its extreme effects. See more

Lean startup program for business and social entrepreneurs

This program centres on DNAsoc's Lean StartUp 2 ScaleUp program ( It helps business and social entrepreneurs transform their embryonic ideas into successful and sustainable ventures using the best of Lean Startup methodology ( and Open Systems Theory (OST) ( See more

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