Since 1993 AMERIN has been producing systems-based Organizational Development (OD) solutions for local and overseas corporations, SMEs, all levels of government as well as local communities.

A key aim of our work is to help our clients create and sustain the conditions that will lead to:

  • Highly motivated employees who work together to continually improve organizational health and innovation.
  • Committed citizens who collaborate to establish resilient adaptive communities.

To achieve these outcomes our systems-based OD is underpinned by the proven and highly reliable socio-ecological body of knowledge known as Open Systems Theory (OST).


We are proud to announce that AMERIN has established a new partnership with leading business intelligence company DECISCI Pty Ltd. Not only will this new partnership make available AMERIN's products and services online, it will also result in new web-based programs to help organizations and communities prosper in fast changing, unpredictable environments

Our new venture is called DNAsoc, which is pronounced 'dee-nasoc' and is an acronym for the 'DNA of Sustainable Organizations and Communities'.

It is an online systems-based Organizational Development (OD) consultancy that applies modern change management and systems theories to create healthy innovative organizations and resilient adaptive communities.

There are several system theories that underpin DNAsoc's products and services. A pivotal one is Open Systems Theory (OST). Further information about OST can be found at:

DNAsoc principal programs

DNAsoc has three principal programs for creating healthy innovative organizations and resilient adaptive communities. They are:

  1. The Organizational Health and Innovation (OHI) program ( that is designed to increase organizational innovation and productivity and reduce the incidence of mental health problems at work.
  2. The Adaptive Communities program (, which helps motivate citizens to work together to create and implement community strategic plans that are environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally sustainable.
  3. The Lean StartUp 2 ScaleUp program (, helps business and social entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Corporations transform their embryonic ideas into successful and sustainable ventures using the best of Lean Startup methodology ( and Open Systems Theory (

DNAsoc customized diagnostics

Extensive research developing and fine tuning OST surveys that include all measures of organizational health, innovation and productivity, has enabled DNAsoc to produce customized diagnostics for its customers and partners. For example, we made available a comprehensive OHI diagnostic to the Department of Applied Human Sciences, Concordia University in Montreal for a national research project to determine the root cause of mental health risks in Canadian workplaces.

We also developed an online diagnostic for the Australian and New Zealand operation of The Energy Project. This diagnostic quickly indicates the state of an organization's health and its effect on employee energy levels.

DNAsoc products and services

On the AMERIN Products and Services page you will find a full range of the AMERIN products and services that have been incorporated into the DNAsoc portfolio, as well as new products and services unique to DNAsoc. Many have been translated from OST and support AMERIN's mission of producing solutions for a sustainable future.

DNAsoc learning and development programs

DNAsoc offers a range of systems-based OD learning and development programs - from a basic introduction program to specialized OST analytics training. Our OST development program is a systematic and comprehensive approach towards accrediting Practitioners and Specialists. The accreditation program is aimed at passing on the knowledge of OST in a combination of theory and learning-on-the-job activities while maintaining the integrity of practice in the field. Further information can be found at:

Finally, further information about DNAsoc and its offerings can be found at: