OST Testimonials

The following is a small sample of the organizations, both large and small, that have benefited from the application of OST tools and concepts.

Telstra / Cisco strategic alliance

Telstra used the Search Conference to strengthen its strategic alliance with Cisco when Cisco was at the time a supplier, customer and competitor.


"Microsoft has been using Search Conferences for several years, mainly for product planning purposes. It fits Microsoft culture because it's a practical way for a group to meet face-to-face and agree on an outcome they desire-creative plans for making creative products." Kevin Purcell, Executive and Management Development, Microsoft Product Group, USA


"Today QANTAS announced that Telstra has won its Preferred Supplier Award. Two years ago we interviewed a number of QANTAS senior managers and were told that Telstra would never be considered a preferred supplier. The award makes particular mention of the 'high value service delivery, technical performance and process re-design'. All these things relate directly to us using the OST processes of Search Conference and Participative Design (DP2)." Neville Brien, Telstra's Manager of Product & Service Integration


"During the 1990's Syncrude Canada Ltd underwent massive organisational redesign using the Participative Design process. The new self-managing team structure reduced management and supervision by 50% and increased workforce productivity by 83%." Don de Guerre, Organizational Effectiveness Director

Karadoc Winery

Bob Baxter, General Manager of Karadoc Winery contributes an ongoing annual increase in productivity of more than 7% to self-managing teams.

J Robins & Sons

"Before self-managing teams we could not make a shoe and get it onto the customer's shelf in less than 3 weeks. Now the teams can make a shoe in less than 2 hours, which means we can now take a customer order size of one! In the last few years our share of Australian shoe production has gone from 12% to over 60%." Phil Butt, CEO, J Robins & Sons